We go, I lead you to walking, take me, I take you, do you take the hand?, open well the eyes and say to me what is, can I tell you?, can I invent what you like to hear?.

 It fills my heart, undertakes flight, but never move away, can I stretch my arm and to take always?

 I have a pleasure in the soul, the cloud can teach about water to the rain, the child wisdom to the old man.

 Come, I invite you to walk, to the shore of the sea, this is quite yours and mine, speak to me, take something in your hands and play, can you lose time?

 Notice that there to distant view there is a cavern, I do not know it, but we can go, it can be ugly, dark or probably wide and of dreams, do you imagine? Probably it enters the sea strongly and we will have to balance between the rocks, capture my hand, which I take yours, will not fall, open your eyes and breathes, the salt humid the air.

 My dreams exceed the reality, it is only infinite that I still have, about my love, let's not speak about it, the whole ocean is yours.

 Ask me everything, say that to me, repeat it insatiable, open my world that has been waiting to be opened, see rapidly, see slowly, I go rapidly and slowly.

 My Sun, let's look at the sea sat in the sand, remain a minute with me, breathe the air, humid for the salt, which our lives go and turn with the waves, which they exploit strongly and cover everything, you are you.



I'm not really a faatnsy type of person, so I didn't get into Harry Potter or Twilight. However, I am currently reading the Pretty Little Liars series at the recommendation of my 15 year old and I'm ashamed to say I'm enjoying it! (Sounds like an AA meeting My name is Stephanie and I read books meant for teenagers )
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